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increased to 7000+18000 POS during 3Q 2013





                                          Œ-tourism: The Gateway to exciting experience

                              Finns offer European letter for cyrillic alphabet (and for Kanji):

                                inno-bid to spend more than in 2012: 45% of Finland tourism

Finnish start-up delivers at SMART PAPER™ (secure VAS-self-mailer) letters directly to each willing household in Ukraine the uniquely coded Œ-cards, providing innovative and secure* universal access to European infrastructure benefits; non-EU tourists spent in 2012 in Finland 1,2+ Bill. €.

PRŒSTO™-card is transcribed as SIMPLE & FAST: ПРОСТО (PROSTO) & PRESTO, hinting at central role of “unifying” letter Œ for cyrillic and Latin (European) cultures: Œ means also UE (United Europe) in Russian language. This thin and multi-formfactor personal ID-card allows to a non-Europeans to be securely IDentified for SIMPLE & FAST enjoying the European MAI®-level of digital services: loyal customers’ benefits, mobile IDentity & mobile wallet services, cashless payments (e.g. in touristic resort areas) etc.                                                            Synergy is produced by:       

SMART PAPER, Finland: pressure sealed letters for transpromo VAS-distribution.

UpCode Ltd, Finland: 2D-optical/mobile barcode IDentification&Interaction systems MAI®.  

Michael Schiffer GmbH & Co. KG, Germany: OptiMail® Secret forms printing & distribution.

PRŒSTO™: SIMPLE & FAST secure delivery and use of “non-personal data”ID.

Since 2007 SMART PAPER implemented VAS-self-mailer™ utility bills (locally sorted vs enveloped) – it saved for one country 1 billion EUR in postage costs. MAI® saves costs in ≥50 countries: shops etc.

President of SMART PAPER Vladimir Kuparinen handed in on 24.3.2013 Œ-card No.1 with extra benefits (for travels to Finland and to non-EU) - to Japanese tourist Tae Susa for her special achievements in promoting Japanese culture to Finland, Russia, Ukraine & non-EU culture to Japan.

Video Digi loves print (cortesy of UPM, Finland);

SMART future (cortesy of SMART PAPER, Finland)


*Golden Award of IDWorld-2012: UpCode MAI® (Mobile IDentification and Access) 

Award of Druck&Medien-2011: best innovation enterprise in Germany 

European Union’s “right to be forgotten”(DRAFT EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT LEGISLATIVE RESOLUTION, Amendment 34)

(c) SMART PAPER, 2012