In-line pressure sealers:

can work also off-line, with adjustments

(e.g. for enveloping letters with PS-forms)


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From roll* or from zigzag continuous feeding; inline with printers

* Mouse-click to see production video 80.000 letters per hour

High Speed Continuous Pressure Sealers:  

        Model SP 36: 36000 A4/hourContinuous_sealere_Smart_Paper_36000_letters_per_hour.jpg

High Speed Continuous Pressure Sealers: The latest SP 36000 series high performance, high volume Separator-Folder-Sealers enable you to singulate, fold and pressure seal -in one single operation- advantageous pre-glued mailing documents at very high speed.

Fanfold or from a Roll, 2-up produced continuous forms up to 18” (457 mm) wide and 18” long allow to DOUBLE your production speed by using a POST-FOLDING central slitter. The one-piece-mailers are sealed with a CLEAN (dry) high-pressure reactivated glue and become totally confidential. The SP 36000 lines are designed for the highest productivity: This powerful mail-processor facilitates fast production of large volumes of all types of mailer and fold designs, thus speeding up the dispatch of documents ranging from pay slips to statements of accounts, reminders, advertising, invoices, banking, medical or any administrative information, letter cheques and any confidential mail. Common applications also include confidential PIN code advices.


Product characteristics :

  • 18” (457mm) forms maximum width and length ; User friendly Digital Touch Screen controls. 
  • Open to other systems and options and increased reliability using new PLC controls and interfacing.
  • Continuous documents feeding from fanfold or roll ; Document flow tracking throughout the system. 
  • Two or four fold plates versions available according to fold type and job flexibility required.
  • Six rollers pressure sealer: specially shaped and coated for optimal pressure exersion. 
  • Over 18 000 x 12” documents sealed per hour.
  • Central slitter to DOUBLE production speed: up to 36 000 x 12” mailpieces per hour (!). 
  • Comfortable 110cm long outfeed conveyor delivered as standard.
  • Adjustable for one-up, two-up or three-up documents.


Cut-sheet model SP 40: 40000 letters/hourps-800.jpg

 The SP40 is the world's fastest pressure sealer and has the capability of processing up to 40,000 single width, auto-fold, cut sheet documents per hour.

This system utilizes "state of the art" precision folding technology, combined with automatic process controls, and is ideal for large capacity users.

The SP40 is capable of a high forms handling capacity, from a deep pile feeder mechanism, or alternatively from an air feeder system, ensuring that 4,000 forms can be loaded and processed in one operation. It can also be incorporated in jumbo roll fed pressure seal installations and in fact is currently supporting dozens of super high volume pressure seal installations nationwide.

It is available in stand-alone cut sheet configuration or it can be configured with various high volume infeed systems in addition to working with a jumbo roll fed system. Close consultation with SMART PAPER can help best fit the system that for your application. 



Technical Specifications

Processing Speed

40,000 forms per hour

Form Size

Max. Width 12" 

Paper Weight

Up to 40# bond


Shingle, Top Load or Deep feeder

Fold Configuration

V, C, Z, EZ, 1 part - 2 way and Double Parallel

Value Added

Testing may be required


Integral 8 roller system


Light graphite


L 142" x W 31.5" x H 67"


208v 60Hz 3ph 20-30A


3 months or 90 days


CE Certified

Monthly Duty Cycle

2,083,333 +


Code Reading Device, Center Cut

Cut-sheet sealer video

From roll = 80.000 letters/hour

Continuous feed sealer video

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