Business forms Pressure seal (PS) types:


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- Pay slips applications & samples

- Business and goverment letters to consumers & samples

- Industrial applications (medical, tourism, logistics etc.) & samples

Direct mail letters

      Common Applications for Pressure Seal are:


Business Applications

 General Letters

 Purchase Orders
 Intergrated Bus Passes
 Pin Mailers
 Intergrated ID Cards
 Intergrated Smart Cards
 And many other uses....

 State Applications

 Council Tax Reminders
 Housing Benefit Cheques
 Housing Repair Surveys
• Creditors Reminders
 Purchase Orders
 Rent Increase Letters

 Council Voting
 General Letters
 ID cards
 Intergrated Smart Cards
 And many other uses....


Direct Mail Applications

 Full Colour Advertising
 Bulk Mail Shots
 Return Survey Apps
 Scratch Cards
 Consumer Surveys

 Card Carrying Apps
 Smart Card Apps
 General Letters
 And many other uses....


Pressure Seal Stationery

At SMART PAPER we design and manufacture high quality pressure seal forms. Whether you're processing pay slips, pension forms, direct mail, remittance advice slips or any other confidential form or mailing document our pressure seal systems will save you time and money.

Print your documents on pressure seal paper, put them in and switch on. Moments later your documents will have been folded and sealed, ready for posting. Fitting easily into any office environment our pressure seal systems will work with your existing impact or laser printer. They are also extremely easy to use. With the pressure seal process there's no liquid glue, water or heat therefore no mess, or risk of burns.

With our in-house art department we have the capability of being able to produce a form to fit around your requirements.


Below are examples of the types of folds that can be created by our pressure sealers