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Finns pay (for envelopes), Russia saved (via mailers): 1 BILLION €*. We know-how.

* Letters postage costs


during last 5 years: Smart Paper self-mailers vs enveloped

SMART PAPER implemented in Russia in 2007-2008 self-mailer technology for bills and 1-page letters (of Banks, Insurance companies, Pension Funds etc.): machinery & know-how.

Why? - LETTER IN FINLAND TRAVELS HUNDREDS of km to/from nearest sorting center (= BIG trucks costs of delivery). Sorting in Russia is done at local place of production for 95% of letters = SELF-MAILERs. Production in Finland is done FOR ITELLA sorting centers (= + BIG sorting costs and 3,6 mln./year letters RUINED by sorting lines) BECAUSE FINLAND USES ENVELOPED LETTERS mainly. 

Russian court decision dd.09.11.2012:

postage costs in Smolensk (400 km from Moscow sorting center): energy SELF-MAILER bill = 1,15 Rbl./ 0,03 EUR; gas SELF-MAILER bill = 1,20 Rbl.

1 RUB = 0,02318 EUR 

Postage cost for ENVELOPED letter in Russia (up to 20 gramm) = 16,82 Rbl./0,38 EUR.

Difference: 16,82-1,15=15,67 Rbl./ 0,363 EUR per bill x 600 mln. addressed  letters/year = 218 mln. EUR/year SAVING for FINLAND if SMART PAPER self-mailers are used instead of enveloped letters. 

Average postage cost in Russia in 2015 for SELF-MAILER = 1,80 Rbl./0,04 EUR.

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