"My vision for the future of the invoices is Creating X-mas 12 times a year for our customer”.

Thomas Wandahl, Customer&Loyalty director of "3 Scandinavia"-telecom, Sweden/Denmark.

We made this dream true: unique Œ-cards bring NEW gadget every month & save your costs (vs ENVELOPED letters). 

System of Interaction (UpCode MAI) used at SMART PAPER Œ-cards won Golden Award at IDWorld-2012

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Key note of THE Futurist: what drives innovation - see video below from 7:20 till 8:30




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                   Interviews: at Wise Media; at IDWorld congress-2012: Gold Awardreal values of information.


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"Creating X-mas 12 times a year for our customer.

Thomas Wandahl, Customer&Loyalty director of "3 Scandinavia"-telecom, Sweden/Denmark.

Payment by 2D-code sticker at POS (LevelUp, USA)