News about solutions and applications



Solution: cards for encouraging local tourism and 25%-UP local purchases

Case stories_ Brazilian tourists to US: prepaid cards boost 
General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) cards in US and in Europe

Overdraft protection issues in US

Mobile donations

US payment solution for S-group, Finland & neighbour countries

DNA easy-top-up solution for mobile phone from debit or credit card

K-group, Finland with Danske Bank Mastercard cash withdraw in shops

Tourist card with mobile phone: Vaasa, MobiTour, UpCode + home care

Citizen meet sustainable design: WDC Helsinki 2012 - Vaasa

SMART Post / SMART Почта

EU benefits access distribution for non-EU tourists / ЕС -услуги для не-ЕС граждан

Where the Russians' money go

Spending for culture and tourism_Russians = 6,2%; Europeans: 9,8%
For alcohol_Russians = 5,4%; Europeans: 1,8%
Shopping, Russians: food = 37,1%; non-food = 22,5%


e-voting /е-выборы

From Finland - для "гуманитарки"