Finnish start-up SMART PAPER™ uses synergy of 7 most innovative technologies from different European countries for embedding digital VAS* into standard paper letter forms secure mass distributionVV in Finnish means Virtuaali Varmenne (Virtual ID certificate) for unique NON-PERSONAL DATA access in FAVORITE way to FAVORITE services by the letter™ recipient: without “Big Brother’s Watching You” issue.


After 6 years of SMART PAPER sales to Russia we started in 2012 a Finnish company for better access to European IT achievements:  

“In 2011 I told to former Finnish business partner (whom I helped from 2001 to start sales of envelope inserting lines to Russia) that AR (Augmented Reality) will change many paper letters into self-mailers, like we changed utility bills (NON-ENVELOPE form saved 1 Billion € postage costs in Russia). 

And now we start offering these new mass letter forms to the Finnish market: it combines simplicity of use and cost-effectiveness of production with the last IT from Finland, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland; we also took into consideration the EU personal data draft directive (“right to silence”/ “right to be forgotten”) and privacy issues, BYOD - in implementing national ID-card methods in Great BritainRussiaUSA and India".


Each company or consumer in Finland can now receive/ deliver the individual VV ID-certificate (“intelligent/secure levels readable” 2D-barcode sticker) for digital access to his FAVORITE services (including AR audio-video instruction for the service/product and its usage data cloud-processing). Special design of opening the SMART letter (perforation tear-off like at bank PIN-code self-mailers) gives its recipient comfort of “any-time-any-place” Œ-register (also by mobile phone**): Œ transcribes as swift & simple (in Russian & Latin). These B2C services include among others:


-          SMART PAPER™ presented

-          SMART CODE™ ordered

-          SMART POST™ delivered

-          SMART WAY™ serviced



Important factors for implementation of Œ-services:


  • VV are one-time random codes for PERSONAL use: one can change them e.g. monthly – when receiving the new VV /2D-barcode printed at his next month utility bill's sticker. VV code is securely sealed inside NON-sender’s printed panel of letter (this code also certifies the authenticity of the letter form and can be also used as proof for authenticity of the offered product)
  • It makes the VV IDs ANONYMOUS: relevant externally only to the service/product provided from the recipient’s letter: building of users' personal database by "Big Brother" is not possible
  • Œ-monetization is performed by paid sharing of cloud based ACCESS to anonymous PRODUCT users via Finns FAVORITE CHANNEL: PAPER letter*** to household's VV-coded address (at utility bill's securely sealed panel).

  *) VAS = Value Added Services 

**) subject to download 2D-code reader free program : www.upcode.mobi

 ***) highest number of letter-post items sent per capita was recorded in Finland (406 in 2007)



HOW we began 

Local news

25.02.2013 We started sales to Finnish market.

After 6 years of sales to Russian market only - we grounded the FINNISH company SMART PAPER  

                                    and opened sales office in Espoo, Finland                      

                 with demo room and sales incl. deliveries from European warehouses.                                                                                                           

We sell SMART PAPER solutions for PRESSURE SEAL closed documents & letters:

- consulting

- technology & know-how

- equipment

- materials, maintenance & training and spare parts

- print & delivery services, incl. Content Optimization for docs and letters B2B, B2C, B2G, G2B, G2C

06.3.2013 Smart Paper is invited to presentation at annual meeting of BNI Safiiri Espoo.

Update: Our 15-seconds presentation was named the very interesting (among 50 guests spoken); bottle of champagne Rose was our prize to the lucky potential customer - Krister Illman (www.maxs.fi, which offers innovative heating systems: energy OUT OF EARTH)!

01.01.2014 Stormossen customer cards save time and money: 60.000 Vaasa families don't need money to pay for the discounted local services by showing the SMART barcode at their card delivered at PAPER letters to each household.

International news

13.02-15.02.2013 Smart Paper rep. took part in "Hunkeler Innovation days" and DOXNET, Lucerne, Switzerland

25.3.2013 First ID of new era: Œ-card™ is given to Japanese teacher of Russian language in Finland